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General Landscape Maintenance

Bay-Friendly Maintenance

    • Full-service low impact maintenance for both commercial and residential properties
    • Bay-Friendly Certified
    • Sustainable, organic practices
    • Flexible scheduling depending on your site’s needs

    San Francisco Landscapes offers comprehensive Bay-Friendly maintenance service for both residential and commercial properties. We have provided maintenance for over ten years and use hand tools or electric equipment, no gas tools! We can tailor a program to fit your specific needs while beautifying the landscape and improving your property value.

    Our maintenance methods employ the highest level of ecological practices including on-site composting; native and edible plants; water-saving irrigation systems; mulching and more. Our services are aimed at enhancing the biological diversity of your garden landscape while having the lightest environmental impact possible.

    Maintenance contracts can be set up on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis depending on your needs. We are also available for on-call maintenance when necessary.

    Edible Landscape Design/Installation


    • Increase the biodiversity of your garden
    • Grow your own local, organic vegetables
    • Increase productivity of your garden
    • Decrease your carbon footprint

    "E.A.T.S." = "Edible and Tasty 'Scapes"

    Most “fresh” food travels an average of 1200 miles before it reaches your plate. San Francisco Landscapes can help you grow and harvest the freshest, most nutritious organic fruits, vegetables and herbs right from your own backyard!

    San Francisco Landscapes, through its E.A.T.S. program, seeks to increase the amount of food grown locally using sustainable, environmentally friendly methods.

    SFL E.A.T.S. offers a free half hour visit to assess a client’s needs and the potential for edible landscaping at the site. We also offer consultation services for those interested in pursuing edible gardening on their own but wishing for some help and advice in planning, plant selection, and maintenance. Please contact us for more detailed information about Edible Gardens!


    Drought Landscape Design/Installation


    • Increase the biodiversity of your garden
    • Increase the number of beneficial insects
    • Help provide food and protect native species


    A habitat garden by definition is a garden that provides food, water, and an environment for wildlife to reproduce while being maintained with sustainable practices such as on-site composting, mulching, rainwater catchment and the use of native plants.

    Habitat gardens are both rejuvenating and restorative landscapes for the urban environment. Full of biological diversity, they attract birds, beneficial insects and animals to the home garden. As a cornerstone of sustainable garden design, we encourage the use of plants endemic to San Francisco to reduce genetic pollution of surrounding native plant populations. Local native plants add a unique and beautiful aesthetic to the landscape, many of which are drought-tolerant and require minimal maintenance.

    Irrigation Installation and Repair


    • Automatically provide the necessary water for your garden
    • Systems adjust to your gardens’ microclimates
    • Conserve water with the most efficient systems

    In 2008, several water districts across the state began rationing water usage and continue to do so into 2016. As we enter another possible year of drought, limiting urban water usage will be essential as water costs are likely to rise.

    Conserving and catching water is of utmost importance in ecological garden design. San Francisco Landscapes installs only the most water-efficient drip irrigation and sprinkler systems available.

    Drip irrigation is the best method to give your perennial plants a deep watering with minimal overspray and runoff. The system drips water only where it is most needed, at the root ball. With the addition of a mulch layer over the drip lines, the system can drastically cut your water needs.

    New advances in sprinkler technology have developed very efficient nozzles that minimize evaporation while maintaining matched precipitation for your lawn. Automatic irrigation systems are user-friendly and can be designed to be self-regulating, so there is no need to worry about reprogramming every season.