• Provide essential water for beneficial wildlife
    • Add visual interest to the garden
    • Provide relaxing sound
    • Grow aquatic food and medicinal herbs


    Imagine you are bird flying over San Francisco. You are tired and thirsty as you look over the expanse of buildings and concrete. Then you spot a small body of water in someone’s backyard. You land, survey the surroundings, see that it is safe and take a drink to refuel for the rest of the flight.

    Water is the lifeblood for all living creatures, and a water feature is a key element in a habitat garden. Not only does it create soothing sounds and visual interest in the garden, it provides essential water for many species of insects, birds and animals. These species play a crucial role in the health of the garden by serving as pollinators and building the ecological diversity of the landscape. A water feature can range in form from a simple puddle of water on a boulder, to a wine barrel on a deck, to a thousand gallon rubber lined pond. The bigger the water feature, the more species you will attract. San Francisco Landscapes will work with you to design a water feature specific to your site's needs. We also offer maintenance services for existing water features in your garden.