Rainwater Catchment and Greywater Systems

Water: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • Reuse water that would otherwise be drained into the sewer
  • Recharge our aquifers
  • Save money on your water bill

As the results of climate change become ever more apparent in our changing weather patterns, water conservation is of the utmost concern. What better ways to conserve water than to capture rainwater and also safely recycle water we’ve already used?

  • Rainwater catchment systems are designed and installed to store clean rainwater for later use in the garden landscape. These systems divert runoff from rain gutters into large storage containers that can be custom designed to your site needs and aesthetic desires.
  • Greywater systems take non-toxic household wash water that would otherwise be sent to the sewer and safely use it in the garden landscape. 

San Francisco Landscapes can work with you to design the safest and most integrated irrigation systems that conserve and reuse the most water possible.